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Stick Pack Filling

HWR Packaging is dedicated to providing quality stick pack manufacturing solutions, backed by more than twenty years of experience. Our stick pack filling services uses only the finest quality ingredients to ensure the best results.

Our complete service offers sourcing, blending, filling, printing and packaging your stick packs, helping you take your idea to market. We provide cutting edge nutraceutical stick packaging with fast turnaround times, low minimum quantities and excellent service.

Stick Pack Filling Services
Why Use Us for Your Stick Pack Filling?

We provide first class solutions and we are FDA registered and GMP certified, for your peace of mind. Our stick pack filling solutions offers you a product that is:

  • Unique to your brand
  • Eye catching and colorful
  • A no spill solution
  • Higher perceived value of marketing
  • Slim, easy and compact
  • Easy to use and pour
Stick Packaging Service
Improve Brand Visibility

Stick pack filling solutions can help you boost your brand visibility with neat stick solutions with the best quality ingredients you can trust. We provide complete contract manufacturing and private label services, helping you promote your brand with confidence. Our low minimum order quantities and competitive prices can help you improve brand visibility quickly and easily.

Make a statement with stick packaged products using our stick pack filling services. We can fill stick packs of all sizes and shapes, combined with experienced on-site designers who will take your packaging to the next level.

Let us assist you with your stick packaging needs from sourcing the best products and blending them, to filling your stick packs, printing and packaging them. We offer fast turnaround times with to the door delivery services.

Don’t delay, make use of our free quote with no obligation today. Simply click on the “Get a Free Quote” button at the top of the page and we will provide you with a transparent quote and comprehensive advice.

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