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Stick Packs

Are you ready to take your stick pack products to market?

    Contyract Manufacturing
    Contract Manufacturing

    If you are looking for a contract manufacturer to help you package your product in flexible stick packaging, we should talk.  We have been packaging powder in stick packs for over 20 years.   Our experience allows us to understand the complexities of filling your product in stick packs and how our work represents you and your company.   We understand the impact of missed deadlines, specifications, and inferior quality.

    Private Labeling
    Private Label

    We work for you and we are not looking for customers, we pursue relationships. Our goal is to add value to your company and your products by providing expertise and resources where you might need them the most.   We can help you packet, pack out and fulfill your products directly to your customers.  We dedicate our inhouse resources to the packeting of your powder products.


    Low Minimum Order Quantities

    We can manufacture low volumes and scale up with you as your product sales grow.   Our resources allow us to help you produce high volumes today with short turn around times.  

    Flexible Stick Packs

    Stick packs (or stick pouches) provide a convenient, single-serve, portable package for on-the-go customers. They are environmentally friendly, requiring 10% -40% less packaging material than equivalent rectangular pouches and they are designed to open easily and dispense your product. Travel friendly, they are perfect for powdered beverages and nutritional drinks.

    What’s in your stick pack?

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